Crew History

Amayim its a German-Jewish-Spanish crew who made in 1999 by Exodus & Westvat77 in the streets of Koln, Germany.

Amayim start selling MDMA, XTC in Germany at 2003 based in local bars, in Koln.

Amayim operates at 2005 in Darknet Markets with +500 sales in different Markets, We dont work in bulk, we just focused in street market. We never got problems with “big families” We always win own street-credibility.

Amayim was connect with the Spanish families in 2003 by “El Fad ” in Madrid Spain, who connected with guys, and absorved the Weed Crew, contacts, providers, and street distribution, El Fad, and his guys on a meeting celebrate in Madrid, they choice to join into Amayim.

Amayim got the “old-sicilian traditions”, honor, and ommerta. Simple as it. No more. No shit. No stole, no disrespect, family and honor its the most important in our business.

Amayim takes the decission to bring a new “opportunity ” at March 2022 to Spain crew, and they are move to U.S.A, and create a new way to keep stable online for another 10-20 years outside the security problems in Spain, and also for make contacts in the u.s.a with a new clean ID.

Amayim now are now AMAYIM in his totality with different small cannabis shop, xtc, coke, mdma, hash, every single family got his own job, not relation between groups for keep security in every hood, who BELIEVE IN THE ABSOLUTLY FREEDOM TO PEOPLE WHO USE DRUGS UNDER HIS RESPONSABILITY!.

AMAYIM its a crew who believes in freedom, ommerta, families-values,

We don’t work with humans, We dont work with heroine, We dont work with METH,

We are a business man,

We are from the streets,

We believe in Karma,

We don’t stole money, or sale counterfait money.

We don’t sale Big Loads.

We get bread from this.



Amayim Family.